About us

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) is the world's leading provider of independent assessment services including certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes, with recognition from over 50 accreditation bodies.

LRQA is part of Lloyd's Register Group Limited. Lloyd’s Register is a global organisation with a mission to protect life and property and advance transportation and engineering education and research

Where We Do It

LRQA is a global organisation, working in over 120 countries, and able to provide co-ordinated services worldwide for multinational clients. We focus on local needs, meeting the specific requirements of all our clients, large and small, wherever they operate.

How We Do It

Our unique assessment methodology - LRQA Business Assurance - helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the current and future performance of your organisation.  We introduced LRQA Business Assurance to the certification market in 2004. This initiative had significant influence across the industry, extending the focus beyond the certificate to an assessment approach linked to strategic objectives to help ensure you:

  • have the capability to deliver on the promises you make, enhancing your reputation, and helping you to substantiate claims and differentiate yourself
  • see the tangible benefits of the value of management systems, linking these benefits to financial performance or improvements in effectiveness and efficiency
  • develop your capability to manage a range of non-financial risks
  • feel confident that management systems are meeting stakeholder needs

Our People

LRQA has been consistently first to meet the certification needs of business. Over 25 years, our people have been at the forefront of all the major developments that have shaped the independent certification industry. Today, it is with our help that organisations globally can be confident their systems and operations meet the demands of stakeholders with a view to helping ensure long-term sustainable growth."

Our assessors possess deep technical insight so they understand the industries they work in and the businesses they assess. By connecting this knowledge to your systems and processes, we help ensure that your management systems are aligned with your strategic objectives.

In addition, we are a major contributor to the development and improvement of standards and associated guidance in the fields of management systems and conformity assessment worldwide. As recognised voices in the industry, our experts are regularly part of national and international technical committees such as accreditation forums, standard committees and industry sector groups.

Independent and Impartial

The markets served by LRQA value our services for their integrity. Critical to this is the need to recognise any potential conflicts of interest in the services provided and to take action to ensure these do not adversely impact on the impartiality, independence and objectivity our actions.

As part of its on-going commitment to impartiality, the top management of LRQA has requested its independent advisory board, the LRQA Technical and Advisory Board, to undertake the role of impartiality committee. LRQA routinely identifies and analyses the possibilities for conflict of interest arising from its relationships and the delivery of its assessment, verification and certification services. Where threats of impartiality are identified the provisions to eliminate or minimize such threats are documented along with data demonstrating their on-going effectiveness. These are made available to the LRQA Technical and Advisory Board for consideration as part of their periodic review of the impartiality of the audit, certification and decision making processes of LRQA.